for the 2024 Concert Season

Coming Up On March 9th, 2024

Applications Now Open for

the 2024 Concert Season!

Our Different Types of Jobs

The amphitheater employs over 600 “crew members” each summer in all departments such as Sales, Guest Services, Security, Parking, Production, and Maintenance to help create an amazing experience for music fans. Click on any of the job titles below to learn more!

Usher/Ticket Taker

Security (18+)

Ancillary Sales Team

Guest Ambassador

Venue Cleaning

Parking Attendant


“Great music, Great employees, Great work environment, I look forward to coming to each show.”

“Truly, the best part of this venue is the staff. They are the best and brightest in their fields. they are my summertime family!”

“Working at the Amphitheater is one of the best I’ve ever had. Management is awesome & coworkers feel more like family. Not only do you get to listen to great concerts but  there are plenty of extra perks to go along with the job.”

There is nothing better than working show days and experiencing the energy at the venue as it continues to rise.  I love seeing how excited our guests are as they arrive against the setting sun, knowing it won’t be long before the music starts and memories get made.  I’m so grateful for 30 years of my own music memories at HCA!